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The Beauty of Tweed or How to Knit Your Favourite Sweater

It's always good to have a favorite sweater. The best sweater looks weel in all situations: it makes us look stylish, the color suits us and goes well with other clothes we have. It is simple to knit it, you don't need to know the complicated technique of creating such knitting. We like our favorite sweater because it is simple. 

Fresh, soft and summery bamboo!

If you have touched bamboo fiber at least once, the first thing you will remember is its softness. He is enchanting! Besides, the feeling of freshness and the much-needed coolness on hot days are also pleasing. How many good qualities fit into one seemingly simple thread. 

Mohair and viscose knits - glistening fluffy luxury

Thin mohair yarn with silk is in the basket of almost every knitter. Knitworks from mohair have taht magical effect which always facinates us. Another wonderful feature of these yarns is that they can be added to almost any other yarn to create a variety of knits. They go especially well with viscose. 

Aloe Sockwool - a pleasure to knit socks and not only socks

It would seem that the arrival of calendar spring should invite us to take colder threads in our hands, but the snow outside the window and our feet constantly wading in them do not allow us to forget how good warm socks are. That's why another shipment of yarn for socks arrived in this not-so-springy spring - Aloe Sockwool.