Fresh, soft and summery bamboo!

  • Fresh, soft and summery bamboo!

    If you have touched bamboo fiber at least once, the first thing you will remember is its softness. He is enchanting! Besides, the feeling of freshness and the much-needed coolness on hot days are also pleasing. How many good qualities fit into one seemingly simple thread. 

    What is special about bamboo fiber?

    We live in an age of excessive consumption. We want new, high-quality, natural fiber clothes. We want to look beautiful and attractive. In the summer, we almost always look to cotton fabrics and yarns because it's a natural, cool, comfortable to wear. However, next to cotton, there are other alternatives that are no less attractive, but, upon closer look, also cause less damage to nature during their cultivation and extraction.

    So what is special about bamboo:

    • fiber obtained from one of the fastest growing and renewable plants on earth - bamboo;
    • organic fiber - no pasticides or chemicals are used when growing bamboo;
    • similar in properties and feel to cotton, but has some differences;
    • absorbs and evaporates moisture/sweat faster than cotton, thus maintaining optimal body temperature;
    • softer than cotton, be the feeling compared to silk;
    • a unique fiber that cools when it's hot and warms when it's cold;
    • perfect for babies, children and sensitive people;
    • has anti-allergic and antimicrobial properties.  

    Bamboo yarn

    We are very excited to introduce Bamboo knitting yarn to our store this summer. It's a great alternative for your summer yarn shelves and a good choice for those who are looking for something other than cotton yarn. Yes, bamboo is different than cotton. If you take two balls, I'm almost sure that bamboo yarn would be the most admired hairstyles. They are extremely pleasant to toouch, extremely soft, and have a charming natural sheen. Cotton threads are a little simplier compared to bamboo. However, if we think about which yarn to use to create a new summer project, most people would prefer (or maybe it's just easier) to choose cotton yarn balls. Cotton is a little easier to "work with". Bamboo may need to be "trained", i.e. try several thicknesses of needles or yarn and choose the best one according to your knitting characteristics. The most important thing is not to knit the bamboo too loosely, because a tighter knit, like merino wool knits, makes it easier to both wash and wear. In addition, these bamboo yarn skeins are very pleasant for crochetting. Due to the special softness of the thread, even the tighter crocher piece does not become "hard" at all. So Bamboo offers you a pleasant choice for a summer knitting or crochet project.