Aloe Sockwool - a pleasure to knit socks and not only socks

  • Aloe Sockwool - a pleasure to knit socks and not only socks

    It would seem that the arrival of calendar spring should invite us to take colder threads in our hands, but the snow outside the window and our feet constantly wading in them do not allow us to forget how good warm socks are. That's why another shipment of yarn for socks arrived in this not-so-springy spring - Aloe Sockwool.  

    The supply of yarn for socks on the market is really quite large, after all, it's so charming to pick up one ball, knit simply and get a knitwear with an extraordinary pattern, colors, stripes and clouds. Aloe Sockwool yarn (for simplicity, we'll just call it Aloe yarn) stands out from other sock yarns because it is impregnated with aloe extract. They are slightly softer than ordinary woolen yarns for socks, and have a very light natural sheen.

    Yarn characteristics

    Since Aloe threads have been in our e-mail for several years now. in the store, we just now restocked many colors and brought in new ones, I have knitted a sweater from them. Well, I always "see" stitches first of all yarns for socks :) So I can say that the yarn wears really well. Of course, as with many yarns, the areas that rub against the table the most have developed some easy-to-pick lumps, but the overall look of the knit is still pleasing after a couple of years.

    Aloe extract, according to the manufacturer, should be enough for 10 knitwear washes. Later, its effect is apparently less noticeable, it just remains to wear a cozy knitwear.

    Alow yarns are of standard sockyarn size: 100 g/420 m.

    How much yarn do you need:

    • 1 ball for 1 pair of socks;
    • about 4 balls for M size woman's sweater;
    • about 3balls for M size woman's vest;
    • about 3 balls for a larger shawl;
    • 1 balls for triangle shawl "bactus".

    Is Aloe Sockwool yarn suitable for crochet?

    Absolutely yes! Aloe yarn is both fun to knit and crochet. And what cozy crocheted shawls you get! Try it, you will like it (in the photos below you will find a couple of tested schemes that really make very beautiful crocheted shawls). For a larger crocheted shawl that you can wrap yourself in, you need at least 3-4 pieces. threads.

    So, while spring is still waiting at the door, not daring to go outside and ask for the lingering winter outside, such thin and cute wool threads like Aloe Sockwool can be the best friends :)

    You can find Aloe Sockwool yarn in the online store here


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