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Painted mother-of-pearl button (lilac)

  • Painted mother-of-pearl button (lilac)

    Diameter 2.1 cm 

  • This shade of lilac is very fresh and beautiful, in reality it is more interesting and the color on the button shows more than it looks in the photo.

    This is a larger mother-of-pearl button, hand painted, so each button shows brush marks and paint strokes.

    Since these buttons are essentially handmade, you'll be hard-pressed to find two that are exactly the same. Although some of them will look great in knitting, each button will remain unique and exceptional due to the above-mentioned features. This type of button is especially suitable for creative people or simply looking for more interesting natural details for their clothes than simple plastic.

    Although the buttons are quite large, they will work well for thinner knits or fabrics as they are thin and light enough. 

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