• Cute faux fur pom poms for decorating hats, scarf ends and other handicrafts. Pompons are quite large, about 8 - 10 cm in diameter. Some of the pompons are shorter haired and have a regular circle, while the other (most) part is long haired, playfully irregular in the shape of a circle. With short-haired tubers, everything is basically clear, they look like you see in the photo. And long-haired people are more difficult to convey beautifully in photos, but they are very mischievous and cute. If you take hold of the attachment thread and give it a good shake, their longer hair will "swing" in all directions, but basically it will take the shape of a circle. Really high quality and beautiful pompons :)

    The pompon have two fastening threads, with the help of which you can tie the pompon in the desired place.  

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