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Norge 330 sunny yellow

  • Norge 330 sunny yellow

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    100% Norwegian wool

    100 g/230 m

    Yarn Brand
    Midara (Lithuania)
    100% wool
    Yarn Thickness
    Medium (3 - 4,5 mm needles)
  • Composition: 100% Norwegian wool
    Weight, length: 100 g/230 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 3.5 - 4.5 mm

    Norge - wonderful knitting yarn from Norwegian warm wool . Can you imagine the feeling when you sometimes want real homemade food instead of a warmed meal from supermarket, a sincere live meeting with a friend instead of putting virtual "likes" in social networks, at least a day in a real farmhouse surrounded by hundred-year-old trees instead of a glass covered office? This or a similar feeling comes when you hold these wool skeins in your hands. Yes, they are not perfectly soft for wearing close ti skin. This is yarn with character. Norge wool is spun into large, slightly messy strands but not in a perfect balls. You can find a stalk of grass as a hint that happy sheep graze in real green meadows, which you will have to pull out from the thread yourself. But when you take Norge yarn in your hands, you get a wonderful and irreplaceable feeling of naturalness! It's as if we're going back to knitting utensils when there were no artificial fibers and intricate color patterns in the threads. It's as if the warmth of real natural wool enveloped your knitting hands. The colors are simple, but indescribably charming and expressive, could be perfectly combined with each other, containing a natural motley of color intensity. Wool washes well, does not shrink or stretch, dries easily and quickly. The knitwear puffs up charmingly after washing and releases a little of the natural fluff of the wool. The knitwear is medium thick, light and very, very warm. You ask again, could it be worn close to skin? Well, t's not a soft wool, but it's definitely softer than the rustic classic domestic woolen yarn that everyone imagines. And very soft. These are wonderful yarns made in Lithuania from Norwegian wool, bringing you the joy of knitting from natural yarns.  

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