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Midara Haapsalu 316 light yellow

  • Midara Haapsalu 316 light yellow

    100 g/1400 m

    100% merino wool

    Yarn Brand
    Midara (Lithuania)
    Merino Wool
    Yarn Thickness
    Thin (up to 3 mm needles)
  • Composition: 100% merino wool
    Weight, length: 100 g/1400 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 2 - 2.5 mm

    Haapsalu - fine merino wool yarn. One thread can be used to knit cobweb-thin shawls, scarves and other accessories. By combining several Haapsalu yarns, you can get a thicker knit of pure merino wool. Also, these yarns are particularly suitable for adding to another available yarn (mohair, thin wool, cotton, etc.) and thereby thickening the knitting, giving it a little more volume and expression. If you don't dare to knit with thin enough yarn, adding Haapsalu yarn will make knitting much faster and more fun. The color palette of this merino wool is rich, so it is possible to match the color as close as possible to another yarn or to create artistic and impressive striped knits. This wool goes particularly well with Silk Kid Mohair yarn. During the warm season, if you add Haapsalu thread to cotton, viscose or linen threads, you will get a completely different, interesting and moderately warm handicraft. It is clear that the use of Haapsalu threads is basically limited only by your imagination :) 

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