Dream Air

  • Composition: 53% wool, 22% alpaca, 25% nylon
    Weight, length: 50 g/200 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 6 mm (5 mm is worth a try)
    Knitting density: 10 cm = 17 stitches (when knitting with the recommended needles)

    Dream Air - soft, fluffy yarns, which make extremely warm and light, "airy" knitwear. This is an excellent yarn for cold winter days or wet autumn and spring weather. The strong thread "tube" is filled with wool and alpaca fluff, which creates a kind of "thermo" effect and extremely warm knitwear. The threads are suitable for hats, scarves, sweaters and vests. Not only adults, but also children will enjoy knitwear from these yarns. Since the "bite"/feeling of wool is a very subjective, perhaps extremely sensitive people can feel a light tickling of that wool in Dream Air yarns, but on other hand, we would classify Dream Air threads as really soft enough. The thread of these "airy" knitting yarns is thin, but because of the abundant wool fluff in it, it is much more comfortable to knit with thicker needles. If the needles are too thin, the knitting looks like it is tangled and “felted”. If you choose thicker needles (at least 5 mm), the yarn unfolds in all its beauty, and the knitting becomes extremely soft and pleasant to touch. Due to the character of the yarn and volume it gives to the knitwork, you will need less Dream Air yarn for your knitting, compared to standard wool yarn of the same lenght. So this new Hjertegarn yarn is really a good choice if you are looking for warm, high-quality, pleasant yarn for quick knitting, when the real cold is just around the corner :)

    Hjertegarn Dream Air 1148 calm orange

    50 g/200 m

    53% wool, 22% alpaca, 25% nylon 

    Hjertegarn Dream Air 1656 raspberry red

    50 g/200 m

    53% wool, 22% alpaca, 25% nylon 

    565 You save 115
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