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Armonia Hand-dyed

  • Composition: 75% merino wool (superfine, superwash), 25% nylon
    Weight, length: 100 g/400 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 2.5 - 3 mm
    Knitting density: 10 cm = 28 stitches (when knitting with the recommended needles)

    Armonia Hand-dyed - wonderful hand-dyed merino wool knitting yarn. This is another type of Armonia yarn collection, designed for exceptional knitters looking for yarns of the highest quality and beauty. The threads are hand-dyed, so even though all the strands are the same color, you won't find two absolutely identical. Each strand has its own color strokes and touches, which turn into a knit of exceptional charm when knitted. These hand-dyed knitting yarns are completely soft, with no stinging sensation, so the knits can be worn close to the body and are suitable for the smallest and/or most sensitive. Armonia Hand-dyed yarn is suitable for both adult and children's scarves, hats, sweaters, dresses and the most diverse knitting ideas. It is a real pleasure to knit! 

    How much yarn do you need (approximate quantity):

    • 4 skeins for M size woman sweater;
    • 3 skeins for M size woman vest;
    • 6 - 7 skeins for M size dress;
    • 2 skeins for average scarf;
    • 3 skeins for a shawl;
    • 3 - 4 skeins for baby blanket. 
    Hjertegarn Armonia Hand-dyed 86 green plain

    75% merino wool (superfine, superwash), 25% nylon 

    100 g/400 m 

    Price 1350 
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