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Hjertegarn Tweed It Yourself 05 blue - azure - yellow

  • Hjertegarn Tweed It Yourself 05 blue - azure - yellow

    100% polyester

    50 g/450 m

    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Yarn Brand
    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Other fibers
    White, Blue, Variegated
    Yarn Thickness
    Thin (up to 3 mm needles)
    Yarn type
    Tweed yarn
  • Composition: 100% polyester
    Weight, length: 50 g/450 m
    Recommended thickness of needles/wool: 2 - 2.5 mm

    Tweed it yourself - thin, extra colorful thread, which added to any other thread can help you to create wonderful tweed variegated knits. Do you have yarn at home that you don't like the color like you did before? Do you want to knit with kid mohair, but are afraid of the thinness of its thread? Do you want to add tweedy charm to a plain yarn? Add a thin thread of Tweed it yourself to the thread you have and your knitwear will shine with new unique colors and turn from a plain color into a wonderful tweedy creation. Tweed it yourself yarn is extremely thin, so it really doesn't thicken the knitting much, but if we add it to the kid mohair thread, knitting will be immediately more pleasant and the knitting will increase faster. You can combine this additional thread with similar colors, put it with close shades or add it to completely different tones and create truly unique combinations. The tweed buds are bright, they are not big, they do not hide even under the larger mohair fluff, but the knitwear still remains pleasant to wear. An extra textured yarn can sometimes be just what you need to create a really distinctive and unique knit. 

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