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Hjertegarn Organic Trio 5019 lime yellow green

  • Hjertegarn Organic Trio 5019 lime yellow green

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    50% organic merino wool, 25% organic cotton, 25% silk

    50 g/230 m

    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Yarn Brand
    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Mixed Wool, Merino Wool and Cotton, Silk
    Green, Yellow
    Yarn Thickness
    Thin (up to 3 mm needles)
  • Composition: 50% organic merino wool, 25% organic cotton, 25% silk
    Weight/Length: 50g/approx 230m
    Recommended thickness of needles/wool: 4 mm (we advise you to try 3 - 3.5 mm as well)
    Knitting density: 10 cm = 22 stitches

    Organic Trio - another great knitting yarn from the organic line, which, together with Wool Silk and Organic 350, expands the selection of completely organic knitting yarns in the range of the Hjertegarn producer and our store. Organic Trio knitting yarn combines three fibers: soft merino wool, soft cotton and delicate silk. These three exceptional fibers perfectly complement each other, giving Organic Trio yarns their uniqueness, and you - the opportunity to have even three excellent fibers in one yarn and enjoy the benefits of each of them. Merino wool will give your knitwear the necessary warmth, cotton - freshness and coolness, and silk, adapting to our changing needs (whether we need to warm or cool down), will decorate the knitwear with cute little buds, creating a light tweed effect. Organic Trio yarn is soft enough and could be worn close to skin. Organic Trio is suitable for children and adults, Organic Trio yarn can be used all year round and the knitwear will be pleasant to wear in any season.

    Organic Trio yarns have the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate - one of the highest level organic production certificates in the world.  

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