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Hjertegarn Natura 4208 cinnamon brown

  • Hjertegarn Natura 4208 cinnamon brown

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    100% certified merino wool

    50 g/108 m

    Yarn Brand
    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Merino Wool
    Yarn Thickness
    Medium (3 - 4,5 mm needles)
  • Composition: 100% merino wool
    Weight, length: 50 g/108 m
    Recommended thickness of needles/wool: 3.5 - 4 mm
    Knitting density: 10 cm = 21 stitches

    Natura is a true joy for those who love natural colors and soft merino wool. The entire Natura yarn palette is composed of calm, soft, natural, earth colors. You can choose one of your favorite or combine several colours, as they go well together in various combinations. Natura yarns are particularly suitable for jaquard knits and the most beautiful combinations of stripes. The threads are soft, so people who are sensitive to wool and children will enjoy knittworks from Natura. These yarns can be used to knit great medium-thick sweaters, vests, hats and scarves.

    Natura yarns have RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certificate, which certifies that the wool from which the yarns are spun was grown on a farm with good farming practices, i.e. on a farm that cares about the welfare of the sheep and the land on which those sheep graze. On farms with the RWS standard, the land is managed to protect the soil, its biodiversity and native species. The social well-being of the people working on the farm and their working conditions are also taken care of. Ensuring that RWS standards are met throughout the chain: from sheep rearing to the production of the final product. Only products that meet all the conditions have the right to be marked with the RWS logo. 

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