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Hjertegarn Lana Cotton 212 rose of memories 1514

  • Hjertegarn Lana Cotton 212 rose of memories 1514

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    50 g/212 m

    50% merino wool, 50% cotton 

    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Yarn Brand
    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Merino Wool and Cotton
    Yarn Thickness
    Thin (up to 3 mm needles)
  • Composition: 50% merino wool (extrafine, superwash), 50% cotton
    Weight, length: 50 g/ 212 m
    Recommended thickness of needles/wool: 3 - 3.5 mm (it is worth trying 2.5 - 2.75 mm)
    Knitting density: 10 cm = 28 stitches

    Lana Cotton 212 is a thin version of Merino Cotton ideal for spring and summer knitting and crocheting. Lana Cotton 212 knitting yarn is spun from very high quality merino wool and cotton, it is very soft and suitable even for the most sensitive to wool people. The thread is thin enough, so it is suitable not only for knitting, but also for crocheting. Due to its softness and excellent composition, Lana Cotton 212 yarn is an extremely good choice for children's knitting. The color palette is wide, interesting. Take a soft ball of yarn in your hands, close your eyes and let the softness of merino and cotton carry you towards the most beautiful summer knitting ideas...!   

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