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Hjertegarn Arezzo 636 pistachio green

  • Hjertegarn Arezzo 636 pistachio green

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    47% bamboo, 33% linen, 20% cotton

    50 g/150 m

    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Yarn Brand
    Hjertegarn (Denmark)
    Mixed Cotton, Linen, Bamboo
    Yarn Thickness
    Medium (3 - 4,5 mm needles)
  • Composition: 47% bamboo, 33% linen, 20% cotton
    Weight, length: 50 g/about 150 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 3 - 3.5 mm
    Knitting density: 10 x 10 = 26 stitches x 32 rows

    Arezzo is excellent, high-quality, delicately colored summer knitting and crochet yarn. They are spun from three unique natural fibers: linen, cotton and bamboo. Due to the characteristics of the fibers, Arezzo yarn have a beautiful natural sheen that decorates knitwear and lace, giving them luxury. Due to the flax in the composition, the thread is slightly stiffer than regular cotton yarn, but it is not too stiff like pure linen yarn can be. The yarn are pleasant to the touch, and it is fun to knit and crochet from them. The abundant updated palette of New Arezzo yarns gives even more ideas for knitting and delights both in choosing the most beautiful color and in combining different shades together. The combination of linen, cotton and bamboo is very suitable for hot summer days.  

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