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Gazzal Super Kid Mohair 64433 steel grey

  • Gazzal Super Kid Mohair 64433 steel grey

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    47% super kid mohair, 31% merino wool, 22% polyamide

    25 g/237 m

    Gazzal (Turkiye)
    Yarn Brand
    Gazzal (Turkiye)
    Merino Wool, Mohair
    Yarn Thickness
    Thin (up to 3 mm needles)
    Yarn type
    Fluffy yarn
  • Composition: 47% super kid mohair, 31% merino wool (fine, superwash), 22% polyamide
    Weight, length: 25 g/237 m
    Recommended needle thickness: 2.5 - 3 mm
    Knitting density: 10 x 10 cm = 24 stitches x 32 rows (when knitting with recommended needles)

    Super Kid Mohair is an excellent creation of the Gazzal manufacturer, which has a long tradition of producing hand knitting yarns. Super Kid Mohair yarn combines two great fibers: gorgeous, fluffy luxurious kid mohair and soft and warm merino wool. The thin polyamide finally forms the thread and gives it strength and durability. These yarns appeared in our shop in search of a specific emerald color, but only after personally testing them and knitting almost the entire back part of the sweater, we decided to offer them to our customers. After all, it's always fun to fill the shelves with tried-and-true yarns :) It's really quite gentle and soft mohair, which unfolds in the knit with a delicate fluff. It has a slightly smaller pile than the Danish manufacturer Silk Kid Mohair yarn, which will be great to those who want a slightly less fluffy knit. This mohair can be added to any other thread, giving the knit an extra charm. The color palette is full of extremely charming "intermediate" shades, which are sometimes needed when looking for the most interesting color combinations. If you want to knit from mohair, but one thread seems too thin to you, combine it with Merino Lace threads and create your own unique handicrafts. Also, the Gazzal Super Kid Mohair yarn is extremely good value for money, and sometimes that's really nice :)   

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